Friday, May 27, 2022

Apple Developer App 10.0

Apple (MacRumors):

Welcome to the latest version of the Apple Developer app — your resource to help you create great apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, and the best way to experience WWDC.


The Developer app now supports SharePlay so that you can watch videos together with your friends and colleagues.


Need more information about an API like AsyncImage or slicing attributed strings? The Developer app supports full transcript and code snippet search of all our content, both in the app and via Spotlight on Mac, iOS, and iPadOS.

Code is now selectable and copyable, but I still think it’s not a great Mac app. Text in the Overview tab—even the name of the session—still isn’t selectable. The group rows in the sidebar are. Focus and keyboard navigation still don’t work right. Pressing Tab in the search field enters an actual Tab character. The video dimensions are smaller than what you get on the Web site, no matter how large you resize the window, which makes the slides harder to read. I thought about using the app as a catalog for opening videos in Safari, but there’s no command to do that—but there is a command to Open in News, which doesn’t work. You still can’t bulk-download videos or easily access the files from outside of the app.


Update (2022-06-08): Nick Heer:

Also, the new version of the Developer app isn’t supported on Catalina, which I can’t upgrade on my MacBook Air, and you apparently need the newest version to open videos this year? And there’s no way to know any of this unless you try using it.

Kuba Suder:

I love such “native” Mac apps where I can’t multi-select rows in a table to remove more than one bookmark at a time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update (2022-09-14): Serenity Caldwell:

As of yesterday’s update, you can now resize videos on macOS by dragging the bottom edge.

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It says it has support for SharePlay, which should be good for group session watching parties.

Requires macOS 12+

This app is such high quality, that scrolling the main screen table view can’t keep up with 120hz display. Another SwiftUI win.

@Leo I think it may be more a Catalyst issue in this case.

@Michael I was speaking about the iOS application, on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Such a simple list view is unable to scroll smoothly.

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