Friday, June 2, 2023

WWDC 2023 Preview

Hartley Charlton:

Apple is overtly teasing the start of “a new era” and the ability to “code new worlds” at WWDC this year, building anticipation around the widely expected announcement of its mixed-reality headset.


Activities are now open for sign-up for eligible developers. Designed to connect you with the developer community and Apple experts, they’ll feature Q&As, Meet the Presenters, and community icebreakers in online group chats.

Paul Hudson:

There are lots of events happening in and around Cupertino, along with other events happening around the world. Most in-person events require tickets, and are likely to sell out quickly.

Jordan Morgan:

Our favorite conference is here, which means that the ninth annual edition of the Swiftjective-C W.W.D.C. Pregame Quiz is ready to go!


Below, we share some of our talented staff’s thoughts about and predictions for WWDC and the transformative impact the forthcoming announcements might have on the industry.

Marco Arment:

Great things to do THIS week instead of next:

  • Prepare test devices with a test Apple ID to run the betas
  • Decide which devices will stay on iOS 16/watchOS 9/etc. (keeping in mind that Watches cannot downgrade!)
  • Start wearing your test watch to collect health data if applicable (thx @_Davidsmith)
  • Create a new version of your app in App Store Connect, and get its first build through TestFlight approval, so you can quickly issue another build next week if beta 1 breaks your app

Stephen Hackett:

Here are the rest of my picks on the show[…]

David Price:

Just like last year’s iPhone event, by an amazing coincidence, we’ve again stumbled across Tim Cook’s video script for Monday morning’s keynote presentation and of course, we’re going to share it all with you.

There are also a variety of books on sale, from:

See also: Who’s Going to WWDC23? and WWDC23 Keynote Bingo.


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I would have assumed that the 3k mixed reality headset would've been more like the initial Developer Transition Kit computer, since this is WWDC and not typically a hardware event. But the rumors make it sound like there will be a ton of new hardware announced, so who knows.

Did we sacrifice a decade of Apple software quality for a mixed reality headset?

Old Unix Geek

@nobody: probably not. A multi-trillion dollar company could hire more good programmers if they wanted to.

Not gonna lie, I'm sorry excited for the headset. I'll be rather disappointed if it's a no show.

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