Thursday, June 1, 2023

WWDC 2023 Wish Lists

Krishna Sadasivam:

Let’s be clear: what I really and truly wish for the next iteration of macOS is a new found-focus on stability, polish and bug fixes.

Mario Guzman:

The next macOS should be a “Snow Leopard” kind of release.

Nick Heer:

As Apple’s operating system line has grown from one to at least five — more if you count the HomePod’s audioOS and BridgeOS for Macs with T-series chips — the limitations of scale have begun to show. New versions of iPadOS oscillate between key feature updates to fundamental parts of the system, like multitasking, one year, and tepid improvements the next. iOS is a mature platform and, so, it makes sense for there to be fewer core feature updates, but one wishes the slower development cycle would bring increased stability and refinement; actual results have been mixed. MacOS is the system which feels like it ought to be the closest to some imagined finish line, but it also seems like it is decaying in its most core qualities — I am having problems with windows losing foregrounding or not becoming focused when they should. Also, why are Notifications still like that?

Daniel Andrews:

A general theme on speed and reliability at the OS and app level. Especially Mail and Music.


Extensions for 3rd party browsers.

Dan Moren:

For example, one addition I’d really like to see is improvements to iOS’s autocorrect system.


Other small improvements that would be nice to have could include breaking the Passwords section of Settings out into its own app, tweaking the way multiple calendars appear in the Calendar app, and allowing more widgets on the lock screen, just to name a few.


One big nice to have feature I’d like to see in macOS 14 is letting widgets live outside of their little column in Notification Center.

Jack Brewster:

My iOS 17 feature request is for Safari extensions to work in embedded views.

Francisco Tolmasky:

All I want out of macOS 14 is for a screenshot naming scheme that results in them being in chronological order when they are sorted alphabetically.

Kelly Guimont:

Here’s my dream for WWDC23:

In macOS 14, when you open a new Mail draft, if you close it within 5 seconds you will not be prompted to save that unaddressed, empty, clearly accidental draft.

Christian Beer:

  • Xcode only shows actual, current errors
  • Xcode shows errors where they happened
  • Xcode doesn’t run an old version of an app if there were build errors
  • Xcode doesn’t come up with some strange error if I forgot a „?“

Miguel Arroz:

Xcode can actually attach the debugger to the test runner app reliably.

Guilherme Rambo:

  • When a build fails, actually show me the build errors, every time, without me having to attempt the build again or restart Xcode
  • When a build error/warning is corrected, stop showing it, instead of leaving it on the list, sometimes for days, unless I do a full derived data delete and restart

Juri Pakaste:

WWDC 23 wish: fast, reliable UI tests.

This message brought to you by Failed to launch app with identifier and Failed to terminate.

My top Xcode issues are showing incorrect errors, compiler crashes, tests failing to run, and tests not running in Instruments.

Jack Brewster:

If the only new feature in the next macOS is that they’d quit hiding controls (like the button on Reminders notifications), I’d be pretty dang happy.

Jesse Squires :

If the only bug fix in macOS 14 is the server icon in the Finder sidebar, I will be happy.

I really shouldn't be so bothered by this. But goddamn. It annoys the hell out of me every. single. time.

Pierre Igot:

For the record, it’s not just the server icon in the sidebar. It’s also the server icon on the desktop and in Finder windows. And it’s network folder icons too. In other words, it’s even more annoying than what Jesse says. But of course it’s intermittent, so Apple’s software engineers cannot be bothered to make the effort to reproduce and fix.

Simon B. Støvring:

Me if iOS 17 does not let me replace the flashlight and camera buttons on the Lock Screen with buttons that run any shortcut.


The top feature on our iOS wishlist remains: “Allow app access to location for 10 minutes”

Beardy Guy:

What I’m hoping or expecting to see in terms of iPadOS and apps[…]

John Voorhees:

This week on AppStories, we talk about Logic Pro for iPad and our wishes for Apple’s rumored mixed reality OS, xrOS.

Timothy Perfitt:

macos wishes for wwdc that will not happen but totally should:

  1. netboot returns.
  2. configuration xml at root of drive to configure setup assistant
  3. system preferences that work like a mac app
  4. don’t have to quit apps when enabling sharing screen
  5. ability to install profiles without an mdm or user approval each time.
  6. a pony

John C. Welch:

A single, coherent, OS-wide automation framework that allows non-devs to create their own automation solutions and not rely on app devs to build shortcuts.

You’ll absolutely get a pony first.


Update (2023-06-02): Brian Stucki:

Another wish list item: fix screen time.


We asked our team to share their biggest wishes and predictions for the event, from SwiftUI APIs to interactive widgets on iOS.

Dave Wood:

Every single year: “The next macOS should be a ‘Snow Leopard’ kind of release.”

John Gordon:

Every year we ask Santa for a Snow Leopard and we get whatever iOS didn’t want.

Aaron Pearce:

All I want for WWDC is to be able to delete this:

UIControl().sendAction(#selector(URLSessionTask.suspend), to: UIApplication.shared, for: nil)

Chris Turner:

My wish for WWDC2023 is if I get a voice mail on my iPhone, I actually have the voice mail available before or at the same time as the transcribed text message, instead of hours or days later.

Robert Hammen:

A softwareupdate function that works repeatably and reliably to present the user with pending updates. This functionality has been broken and unreliable on macOS since macOS 11 and the changes revolving around Apple Silicon (volume ownership).

Same here.

Jeff Johnson:

My WWDC wishlist is an M3 processor for the App Store Connect server.

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Bring a decently priced Apple Thunderbolt display 27-inch (about 1,000 USD, for instance).

Three things:

• macOS allowing to setup Apple watch, not requiring iPhone (and more). Check out:

Standalone Apple Watch with NO dependency on iPhone or any other device (except Mac). Add camera to take pictures, work as scanner (including Apple Live Text) and web browser like Safari to read QR codes. An extra bonus would be to connect it to the Mac. Then I am sold:

Time For The Apple Watch to Separate From The iPhone

It’s Time for the Apple Watch to Break Free From the iPhone

Future Apple Watch Update to Enable Pairing With Multiple Apple Devices Rather Than Just One iPhone, Claims Leaker

• Fixing this:

macOS 13 Ventura BREAKS Panasonic TV connection via HDMI

• Boot Camp for Apple silicon Macs to natively run Windows.

WWDC 2023 wishes:

- less awkward sessions videos and get rid of the boring fullscreen animated prologues.
- less Food Truck apps boring demos.
- less Swift language sessions.
- more real APIs sessions.
- more macOS sessions.

Old Unix Geek

The ability to easily run iOS/MacOS/GlassOS software without Apple's consent or notarization so that they are computers again, not consoles.

I'm also curious how good/awful the glasses will be.

Beatrix Willius

- Not having to restart an app for full disk access.
- Documentation. I know I'm odd.
- FFS fix the §$%& bug with emptying the trash. This can't be so complicated.

+ iCloud VPN

11 inches M1 MacBook. For who wants and needs a Mac without the added weight of the current MacBook Air.

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