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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Bluesky Adds RSS

Open RSS (via Hacker News):

The link to a user’s RSS feed is quite lengthy, making it not so easy to remember, and you can’t really tell which user’s profile an RSS feed is for just by looking at it.


So if a user has their posts set to be visible only to logged-in users, you wouldn’t be able to view that user’s posts in the user’s Bluesky RSS feed.


Bluesky RSS feeds don’t have links embedded in the full text of the feed. So you’ll have to navigate to the post on the Bluesky website in order for the links to be clickable.

Also, as with Mastodon, you would need to subscribe to the feeds of all the individual users you want to follow. There is no RSS feed for your own timeline.


Resolving Trusted Execution Problems


If you’re developing software for macOS your goal is to avoid trusted execution entanglements. You want users to install and use your product without taking any special steps. If, for example, you ship an app that’s blocked by Gatekeeper, you’re likely to lose a lot of customers, and your users’ hard-won trust.


If you launch a quarantined app, the system invokes Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper checks the app for problems. If it finds no problems, it asks the user to confirm the launch, just to be sure. If it finds a problem, it displays an alert to the user and prevents them from launching it. The exact wording of this alert varies depending on the specific problem, and from release to release of macOS, but it generally looks like the ones shown in Apple > Support > Safely open apps on your Mac.


If your product is an app and it works correctly when not quarantined but is blocked by Gatekeeper when it is, you have a Gatekeeper problem. For advice on how to investigate such issues, see Resolving Gatekeeper Problems.

Alas, I’m still seeing problems where some customers can’t launch my apps because Gatekeeper erroneously reports them as damaged. The only workaround seems to be to instruct the customer to manually remove the quarantine flag or to download the app in a way that doesn’t quarantine it.

If none of the above resolves your issue, look in the system log for clues as to what’s gone wrong. Some good keywords to search for include[…]

See also: Testing a Notarised Product.