Thursday, December 7, 2023

Privacy Manifests Update


Starting in spring 2024, if your new app or app update submission adds a third-party SDK that is commonly used in apps on the App Store, you’ll need to include the privacy manifest for the SDK. Signatures are also required when the SDK is used as a binary dependency.


Based on the feedback we received from developers, the list of approved reasons has been expanded to include additional use cases. If you have a use case that directly benefits users that isn’t covered by an existing approved reason, submit a request for a new reason to be added.

Here’s the updated list. It mercifully still does not seem to apply to Mac apps.


Update (2024-03-07): Jesse Squires:

Apple’s security theater and review bureaucracy are just next-level now. I love how they keep finding ways to “innovate” in this space.

Apple: “Here’s an AP to save app preferences!”

Dev: uses API


Dev: “I’m saving app preferences”

Apple: “Oh, ok. lol. Please fill out this paperwork.”

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I don’t understand the point of this. We already are required to provide a Privacy Policy. This is like a privacy policy x10 asking for “reason” for using basic APIs (did they change their mind on NSUserDefault?).

Do they not realize unethical devs don’t care about rules and will just check the boxes and submit the app anyway? They feature scam apps in the App Store on a regular basis. Maybe they should change their priorities. There are plenty of things they can do to make the App Store a better place by harassing devs by piling on pointless busy work is not one of them.

But* harassing devs by piling on pointless busy work (sorry for the typo)

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