Thursday, December 7, 2023

End-to-End Security for Facebook Messenger

Jon Millican and Reed Riley (Hacker News):

  • We are beginning to upgrade people’s personal conversations on Messenger to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default.
  • Meta is publishing two technical white papers on end-to-end encryption:

It even works in the Web interface. Advanced Data Protection for iCloud requires manually opting in, and you can only do that if all your devices are new enough. So, ironically, this may mean that Facebook Messenger will be effectively E2EE for most users before iMessage is.

Tim Hardwick:

As things stand, end-to-end encryption for group Messenger chats remains opt-in, and Meta previously said that Instagram messages will be encrypted “shortly after” the rollout of default encryption for Messenger chats.


Update (2023-12-11): Mike Masnick:

It’s extremely rare that I’d offer kudos to Meta, but this is a case where it absolutely deserves it. Even if some of us kept pushing the company to move faster, they did get there, and it looks like they got there by doing it carefully and appropriately (rather than the half-assed attempts of certain other companies).

Update (2023-12-12): See also: Bruce Schneier.

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