Thursday, December 7, 2023

Filing Mail Messages on Sonoma Using the Keyboard

Adam Tow:

As I continue to investigate how to bring MsgFiler to macOS Sonoma, here’s a tip from a user that allows you to file messages via the keyboard on Sonoma. It also works on previous versions of macOS dating back to 2011.

  1. Select a message to file
  2. Click on the Help menu or press Command-Shift-/
  3. Type in a portion of the mailbox you wish to file or copy the message to
  4. Choose the mailbox in the list that appears with the arrow keys or the mouse
  5. Press Return or click the mouse/trackpad

There are a bunch of limitations.

My approach has long been to use a large number of rules so that almost everything is filed automatically. I then have a few AppleScripts, invoked via FastScripts, which move the selected messages to particular mailboxes. Another option is to add mailboxes to the Favorites Bar, and Mail will then automatically assign them numeric keyboard shortcuts.


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The use of Command-Shift-/ is a good idea. Can you please explain what the bunch of limitations is?

@Ralf Please see the linked post.

The real problem is the loss of MailHub, which was a really clever plugin. It learnt your filing prefs and would also file on send automatically - really useful. I used to communicate with the developer regularly and, suddenly, he just stopped responding - which made me wonder if Covid had claimed him. I wrote to Apple, asking if they would buy the code and incorporate it into Mail but I think users who file their mail in a complex hierarchy are not their priority.

The odd thing is that Msgfiler just started working again. (14.2.1). Has anyone else noticed this?

@Peter: be careful.

Adam Tow (The Autor of Msgfiler) wrote:
September 29, 2023 at 10:15 am
You may find the app seems to work but in fact does strange things. For instance, you might file a message and watch it disappear only to see it reappear in your inbox seconds or minutes later. Again, I don’t recommend using MsgFiler on Sonoma long-term for filing. The workaround is to use the Help menu method until further notice. Opening mailboxes might still work properly in MsgFiler on Sonoma.

Plug-ins are 100% gone, so no amount of Terminal commands will bring back the Manage Plug-ins button or allow MsgFiler Engine and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plug-in to work on Sonoma, sad to say.

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