Monday, November 27, 2023

Time to Back Up Bandcamp

David Rutland (via Hacker News):

If you’ve spent your hard earned cash supporting independent artists through Bandcamp, a series of ownership changes and layoffs suggest that now might be the best time for audiophiles to download their audio files to secure offline storage.


According to Aftermath, Bandcamp is a mess right now, with most of the support team gone. This leaves artists under the care of people who are either incredibly overworked, barely trained, or both. Engineers are doing work normally allotted to the support staff - normally a highly trained, competent, and enthusiastic crew.


The Bandcamp UI isn’t really designed with massive downloads in mind, and there are a lot of boxes to tick.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to download all of your Bandcamp music using the excellent Batchcamp extension which is available as both a FireFox addon, or as a Google Chrome extension.


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What an incredible shame that large companies can’t leave small companies be. Everything must be stripped to the bone and ruined.

Harald Striepe

Thanks for the reminder!
I have 170+ tracks!

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