Thursday, October 26, 2023

tvOS 17.1

Juli Clover (developer, security):

The Enhance Dialogue feature first announced in tvOS 17 for the second-generation HomePod has expanded to the original HomePod and the HomePod mini in tvOS 17.1, though the HomePods will also need the HomePod 17.1 software that came out today.

tvOS 17.1 also includes a new favoriting option in the Music app on the Apple TV, along with some other minor Music changes.

Benjamin Mayo:

Apps that integrate with TV app now get a standalone section, which is actually a nice feature change. Before it was just Channels that got that. Otherwise, new sidebar is only noticeable change.


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I think the linked Benjamin Mayo tweet is about the tvOS 17.2 beta, not tvOS 17.1 that this post is about.

I updated my AppleTV (1080p) to 17.1 and all of my installed apps which had been placed I folders were now out of folders and in a completely different location, with Appleā€™s first party apps all taking up the first few rows.

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