Tuesday, October 3, 2023

tvOS 17

Apple (MacRumors):

Apple TV 4K becomes an even more versatile living room device with the launch of FaceTime on tvOS 17 today, bringing new ways to connect with family and friends.1 Users can make calls directly from Apple TV 4K, or start calls on iPhone or iPad, and hand them off to Apple TV 4K. FaceTime on Apple TV 4K takes advantage of Continuity Camera support to wirelessly connect to iPhone or iPad, and leverages the devices’ cameras and microphones to bring participants together on the TV.

Later this year, new tvOS apps from Webex by Cisco and Zoom will take advantage of Continuity Camera and expand their communications capabilities to Apple TV 4K.


Also new with tvOS 17 on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD is expanded functionality with Siri. Users can ask more general questions and receive helpful responses, making Siri even more approachable and useful.


Update (2023-10-25): Sigmund Judge:

After using tvOS 17 over the summer, I’m happy to impart that the new features are all positive additions, even though there remains work to be done. So, without further ado, in a MacStories return to tvOS reviews, let’s dive into tvOS 17.


In the short time since tvOS 17’s public release, I’ve already seen Apple TVs used in new ways for production. Once, it was just an AirPlay destination for easier top-down shots and roaming cameras. However, now, an Apple TV connected to a capture device also offers an easy way to create presentations or record conversations thanks to Continuity Camera. When developers unlock the tools that have slowly trickled out year after year, tvOS could be looked upon in a different light from how it’s regarded today.

A full production suite for small creators or extensions to current uses in meeting rooms and educational institutions could be the company’s answer to cost-effective computing in developing countries or perhaps a new way to log into its suite of productivity apps through iCloud. Maybe the TV was dropped from the top of Apple TV’s latest hardware iteration for a reason?

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