Tuesday, September 26, 2023

macOS 14 Sonoma

Apple (developer, security, enterprise, full installer, IPSW, Hacker News):

macOS Sonoma is now available as a free software update, bringing a rich set of new features to the Mac that make work and play even more powerful. With macOS Sonoma, desktop widgets unlock a new way to personalize the Mac and get more done, while stunning new screen savers, big updates to video conferencing and Safari, along with optimized gaming make the Mac experience better than ever.

Again, the update failed to prepare multiple times for me.

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Update (2023-10-24): Howard Oakley:

This turns out to be nothing more than an illusion, though: on the Apple silicon Mac, press Command-Shift-. to show hidden files, and Boot Camp Assistant is still there, it’s just hiding. I’m not sure how Apple applies this conditional hiding, as Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t appear to use any of the normal methods of concealment, and only does so when viewed in the Finder on an Apple silicon Mac. Not only that, but for a utility that only works on Intel Macs, it’s quaint that Boot Camp Assistant is delivered as a Universal app, just in case you might feel like trying it out on your shiny new Studio Ultra.

Update (2023-10-30): Joe Rossignol:

On Macs running macOS Sonoma, there is currently a bug that prevents the Apple Configurator app from installing apps on iPhones and iPads, according to a new Apple support document.

This is apparently not fixed in macOS 14.1.

Tim Hardwick:

In this article, we’ve selected 50 new features and lesser-known changes that are worth checking out if you’re upgrading.

Update (2024-02-06): Ron Avitzur:

macOS 14.0 Sonoma, alas, has changed something which introduced a data-loss bug to the shipping Pacific Tech Graphing Calculator, so I now find myself trying to remember how to debug Swift and SwiftUI.

Tim Buchheim:

My best guess is that they might have made the Foundation regular expression routines call into the Swift ones. The Foundation regex routines probably considered the \r and \n to be separate characters but if they’re calling into the Swift routines then the the \r\n would be treated as a single character (in line with Unicode rules and the normal behavior of \r\n in Swift strings).

They seem to have made StringProtocol call into Swift Regex instead of Foundation/ICU, and the undocumented change also affected SpamSieve since Swift Regex has a bug (FB13249322) that can cause an infinite loop.


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What's new for enterprise in macOS Sonoma is here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT213893

@Scott Thanks! Do you have a feed or directory to help you find new articles like that? Or just increment the number?

All I want to know is this: is audio over screen sharing, new to Sonoma, restricted to Apple Silicon? Because if so then (A) dick move, Apple, and (B) see the workaround I used (with, it must be said, surprising success, if somewhat stuttered audio at times, over a cellular link in Turkey, through Cloudflare, to my home Internet connection in London).

I might finally consider updating to Ventura now! 🤪

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