Friday, September 15, 2023

New Apple ID Sign-In Options

Joe Rossignol:

First, it is now possible to sign into an Apple ID with any phone number or secondary email address on file with the account. We were able to sign into an Apple ID with a phone number on the Apple ID website using a Mac running macOS Ventura, so it’s unclear if this feature specifically requires the new software updates or is simply a backend change.

This is not referring to two-factor authentication, which has long been possible via a phone number and SMS. Rather, this change lets you use your phone number as the user ID if you don’t remember which e-mail address is on file.

Second, starting with an iOS 17 update coming later this year, there will be a new Apple ID proximity sign-in feature. This will allow you to bring an existing signed-in and trusted iPhone or iPad into proximity with a new device being set up, pair the devices by scanning an on-screen “particle cloud,” and complete sign-in automatically.

And they now support passkeys.


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Are passkeys supposed to be working yet? I tried to log in to iCloud on the web via Chrome on my Windows PC, and it gave me to option to scan a passkey QR code with my iPhone, but it didn't work and gave me some sort of error.

Forgot to mention, my iPhone is a 13 Pro running the latest iOS 17 public beta.

You're using Windows and are surprised about something not working?

How about they spend some time allowing merging of Apple IDs so I don't have to maintain two and figure out which is used for what.

> You're using Windows and are surprised about something not working?

Actually I got it working today. The problem was that AdGuard Pro on my iPhone was messing things up. Once I disabled AdGuard, the passkey worked just fine (even while AdGuard on my PC was still active). I'll have to investigate more and set up a filter on the iPhone so that AdGuard doesn't block whatever server is being used for passkeys.

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