Monday, September 4, 2023

Studio Display Firmware 17 Beta 6

Juli Clover:

Apple today released a sixth Studio Display 17 firmware beta, with the update coming a few weeks after the release of the fifth beta.

All Studio Display models are able to receive over-the-air firmware updates, but this firmware update is limited to Macs that are running the new macOS Sonoma operating system at the current time. macOS Sonoma is also being beta tested.

With no release notes and little chance of the camera being further improved via software, I don’t see the appeal of running a beta firmware for my display. I continue to have problems with the display not turning on until it’s unplugged/rebooted, but at least that problem is limited in scope and easy to work around.


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I continue to get a kick out of Apple's steadfastly calling it “17 firmware” rather than “iOS 17”.

The premise of this product remains a fundamental madness.

Is it even an OTA if you need to plug in an entirely different gadget to run it? OR is the Sonoma running mac only used as a WiFi dongle?

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