Thursday, August 24, 2023

Threads Social Network Expands to the Web

Juli Clover:

Meta-owned Twitter competitor Threads is finally getting a highly requested feature -- web access. The Threads social network can be accessed on the desktop and mobile devices using any web browser.

However, it does not seem to support RSS, and (like Instagram) it only shows a limited number of posts if you aren’t logged in.


Update (2023-08-28): John Gruber (Mastodon):

Just as with Threads’s older sibling Instagram, the native iOS app only runs with an iPhone screen layout on iPad. The web app (again, just like with Instagram) looks and feels very much like a native app would.

M.G. Siegler:

This continues the awkward trend for Meta/Apple, most famously with Instagram itself, where the native app experience for iPad is worse than the web. Everyone will say this is a good thing — and, to be, clear, it likely is — but Apple can’t be thrilled about it, no matter what they say.


Update (2023-11-20): Alex Heath and Jay Peters:

Meta’s competitor to Elon Musk’s X has hit “just under” 100 million monthly users since it was released in early July, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday during his company’s quarterly earnings call.

Via John Gruber:

Threads just keeps getting better: more and better features, and more activity.

I just haven’t found the time to look there, when there’s so much happening on Mastodon and (still) Twitter.

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Makes no difference to availability in the EU (obviously?).

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