Monday, August 7, 2023

AirTag Success Story

Julia Buckley (via Hacker News):

When they arrived at Denver after midnight, the bag wasn’t on the belt. United representatives at Denver gave them a case number and told them the bag should arrive on the 8.30 a.m. flight from Chicago in just a few hours. When it didn’t, Shuster called the toll-free number for lost baggage that she’d been given.

“They said, ‘Your bag’s going to come in later today on one of two flights.’ I said ‘OK, great,’ but it never came. So I called later that afternoon and they said ‘Your bag is still in Baltimore,’” says Shuster.


And the AirTag was showing as being at baggage reclaim at O’Hare.


Tagged with another passenger’s details, the bag had been sent to the belt, ready for pick up at O’Hare – and when nobody claimed it, staff had moved it to their back office.

Unfortunately, even with the AirTag, due to United’s incompetence she had to fly back and retrieve the bag herself.


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