Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Hau Tran (via Hacker News):

Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone.

The demo is impressive compared with other such services that I’ve used. And there’s an iOS app that can auto-upload new photos.


Update (2023-08-04): Christian Tietze:

Any #FOSS / #selfhosting enthusiasts for photo sharing in my timeline?

We want to share 700 pictures of our wedding weekend.

I tried Piwigo -- it’s cumbersome, but it allows guests to upload stuff form their mobile phones. (In theory)

I tried PhotoPrism -- it’s sleek and responsive, but I can’t create nested-albums and share the parent one (e.g. wedding day → party vs wedding day → ceremony)

@nextcloud Photos is just so buggy. They fixed one issue of privately shared links, but now visitors with read-only guest access can delete/rotate/… photos 🙄

Found Immich on @mjtsai’s blog yesterday, too. Sounds veeeeery intriguing, but with a focus on backup (sadly), not sharing with family.

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