Monday, July 3, 2023

Apple Resisting Further Changes to Anti-Steering Rules

Stephanie Bodoni:

Apple Inc. is set for a showdown with European Union antitrust regulators, insisting it doesn’t need to make any more changes to its App Store after it was hit by formal charges over its treatment of music streaming rivals such as Spotify Technology SA.


Apple considers it already addressed any possible competition concerns over the past two years with changes that create a fair balance between the interests of Apple and app developers[…]


Spotify says that Apple’s anti-steering rules prohibit it and other developers “from telling consumers about any deals or promotions through their own apps.”

“These rules still exist today and Apple’s supposed changes in fact change nothing at all and are just for show,” Spotify said in a statement.


Update (2023-07-07): Juli Clover:

Spotify has not allowed customers to sign up for a Spotify Premium subscription through the App Store for the last seven years. App Store Spotify subscriptions were in fact only available for a two-year period between 2014 and 2016, but some longtime subscribers have continued to pay for Spotify through the App Store since that time.

In emails to customers, Spotify says that it is no longer accepting Apple’s billing service as a payment method.

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