Friday, June 23, 2023

Adobe Account Expiration

I recently received an e-mail from Adobe:

Your Adobe account will expire soon.

Dear Adobe customer,

We’ve noticed you have not logged in to your Adobe account in more than a year. In keeping with our policies, we are contacting you to let you know your Adobe ID will expire 90 days from now. If you take no action within the next 90 days, your Adobe ID will no longer be valid, you will no longer have access to content you may have stored on our servers and this account will be closed.

It’s true: I haven’t logged into the Adobe Web site in more than a year. But it’s not an inactive account. I use Lightroom multiple times per week, and it’s logged into my Adobe account. It won’t function without the monthly subscription fees that I’ve been paying all this time I was “not logged in.” Needless to say, I do not rely on Creative Cloud to store anything.


Update (2023-06-26): Lee Bennett:

I got one this past week for a work address that has been dead for roughly 20 years. Oddly it came to my current work address and current Adobe account, so the old one is somehow linked to my current one. And I log into my current one quite often.

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A few years ago, Adobe had a major breach and user logins were compromised. Maybe they're just trying to purge old hacked accounts.


nope. I can vouch for the fact that adobe fully treats their long-term paying customers like criminals. they're way deep down the enshittification maze imho.

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