Friday, June 9, 2023

Whither Stack Overflow Archives?

AMtwo (via Hacker News):

The job that uploads the data dump to was disabled on 28 March, and marked to not be re-enabled without approval of senior leadership. Had it run as scheduled, it would have completed on the first Monday after the first Sunday in June.

I mention the timing, as this change long pre-dated the current moderator strike and related policy changes.


Update (2023-06-13): David Roberts (via Hacker News):

Given past and current turmoils, the fact that [MathOverflow] is not owned by Stack Exchange Inc and the ever-present option of moving to a new home is present in the minds of some people. However, as I mentioned to the other mods in a recent discussion, we are at risk of being in the position of the fictional 1980s UK Prime Minister Jim Hacker, with the power of the nuclear deterrent, but no clear idea of when, if ever, it could ever be actually used in response to an aggressor. Especially when said aggressor may just use “salami tactics“, making things slowly difficult one small step at a time, none of which necessarily deserve responding with the nuclear option.

MO has the option of just leaving SE Inc, taking its data, and setting up elsewhere. But it is our “nuclear option”. Certainly it would not be a good look if MO left SE in the middle of a network-wide dispute of this or that nature (I’m not saying it’s what is under discussion, at present), but it would be a big deal to get everything going again elsewhere.

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Old Unix Geek

Another casualty of OpenAI et al... why give away work to those who then claim it to be their own?

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