Friday, June 9, 2023

CloudKit and the iCloud Drive Switch


When I disable iCloud drive [the application] stays, suggesting that access to iCloud is still available.

However, when iCloud drive is disabled, CKContainer.accountStatus returns noAccount, even though I am signed in. When I ignore that and run a query, it returns no records.

Jaanus Kase:

There is one major platform limitation I’ve run into: when you disable iCloud Drive, this also disables iCloud (CloudKit) access to apps like Tact, even though the UI indicates otherwise.

Aaron Pearce:

From the WWDC CloudKit lounge:

As of iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, disabling the iCloud Drive switch will no longer disable syncing in your app. It’ll be controlled by the individual switch for your app.

This is such a good change.

Greg Pierce:

This is a big deal for sync on corporate devices that often have iCloud Drive disabled.


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As an employee at at company that disabled iCloud Drive, I can’t wait for this!

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