Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Xcode 15 Announced


Discover the latest productivity and performance improvements in Xcode 15. Explore enhancements to code completion and Xcode Previews, learn about the test navigator and test report, and find out more about the streamlined distribution process. We’ll also highlight improved navigation, source control management, and debugging.

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Update (2023-06-13): Natalia Panferova:

Xcode 15 beta comes with some great improvements to code completion. One of my favorite is the ability to view all possible permutations of function parameters.

Daniel Jalkut:

Apple added a new build setting to Xcode last year, ENABLE_USER_SCRIPT_SANDBOXING, which controls whether any “Run Script” build phases will be run in a sandbox or not. […] Because evidently, starting in Xcode 15, the build setting now defaults to YES.

Dimitri Bouniol:

Bookmarks in Xcode 15 are immediately my favorite feature.

Helge Heß:

Interesting, so the #Swiftlang macro plugins included w/ Xcode come as .dylibs, but custom ones are really built as tools. And they’ve build a simple XPC for the communication. It just runs JSON (prefixed w/ the payload size) over stdio.

Update (2023-06-15): Sarah Reichelt:

Does anyone know of a way to stop Xcode 15 from showing this dialog every time I make an edit with a SwiftUI preview showing as well as every time I run an app?

I get protecting users from unauthorised apps but surely Xcode should have better permissions.

Brian Webster:

I think that happens with the new sandboxed container protection when using ad-hoc signing?


Update (2023-06-16): Sean Heber:

Xcode 15 is not instilling a lot of confidence right now. 😛

(I cannot drag that download window and when I try to resize it, it says no and snaps back to it's original size... lol.)

Christian Beer:

Hm. Xcode 15 is not better in some use cases


I’ve been running it full-time 6 days a week since it dropped and yeah, it’s badly broken in places and mildly broke in others but the worst issues for me are the issues that were also in the previous releases, but slower.

Nothing bad enough to make me open Xcode 14.n again because in my experience, every Xcode 14 release version was pretty bad. 15 is worse and better.

Xcode 15 does seem to fix the testing problems that I saw introduced in 14.3. I’m still on 14.2, which is also problematic, as previously discussed. Today I again ran into a dependency tracking bug. I changed an enum in one file, but Xcode didn’t recompile other files that were using it, so when I ran the code it just gave gave incorrect results.


Update (2023-06-21): Antoine van der Lee:

You can add new bookmarks from several places, and there are multiple scenarios to create bookmarks for. I’ll take you through this feature and explain how you can benefit from making personal references.


Apart from code and file references, you can also save search queries. Doing so can be helpful for search queries you often perform or when you’re refactoring code.

Update (2023-06-30): Craig Hockenberry:

If you’re dealing with an older project where you don’t want to expend the considerable effort required to update logging for Xcode 15, you can get the old behavior using the Run destination’s environment variables.

Set “IDELogRedirectionPolicy” to “oslogToStdio”.

Surprising that this isn’t easier to do: adoption will be much higher if you can migrate as time permits. Right now, it’s launch Xcode 15 and you got nothing.

Keith Irwin:

Also seems to be a bug where you have to make all string interpolation in OSLog "\(value, privacy: .public)" just to see it in Xcode, whereas before you only had to do that to see interpolations outside of Xcode (Console app or log stream CLI).

Update (2023-07-13): Jesse Squires:

Furthermore, Xcode filters bookmarks in the UI based on the current $USER. This means if you do check-in xcuserdata/ and bookmarks.plist for each user, Xcode will only display your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Navigator panel.


While I’m here, there is one other usability issue with bookmarks. You have to right-click in a file to bring up the contextual menu to create one. It’s a bit cumbersome. There are keyboard shortcuts, but it would also be nice if you could create bookmarks by clicking in the line number gutter — similar to how you create breakpoints.

Update (2023-08-23): Craig Hockenberry:

I know I’ve been complaining about Xcode and other tools over the past few weeks. It’s that time of year where we’re exposed to a lot of new code and raw functionality.

But for every rough edge, we’ve also gotten some amazing new things:

  • Wireless debugging, especially on watchOS: super reliable now.
  • The structured debug console is a dream come true.
  • Dimmed conditional code - suprisingly helpful.
  • App Store distribution workflow is so much better!

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