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Xcode 14 Announced


Discover the latest productivity and performance advancements in Xcode 14. We’ll introduce you to the fully redesigned SwiftUI canvas experience, explore enhancements to code completion and navigation, and take you through performance improvements we’ve made throughout the entire development process. We’ll also show you how you can now read and respond to feedback on your TestFlight builds without ever leaving Xcode.

This looks promising, though unfortunately it’s the only version of Xcode that runs on Ventura. It was easier to get my code building than with previous updates, but there are a bunch of “Could not create compact unwind for […] register 19 saved somewhere other than in frame” compiler warnings that I don’t know what to do with.

Guilherme Rambo:

Xcode 14 beta is significantly smaller than Xcode 13

The watchOS and tvOS SDKs are no longer bundled.

Paul Haddad:

I guess they decided [Bitcode] was a bad idea. Sounded like it had a lot of promise.

I was wondering about that.

Nathan Lawrence:

A personal favorite:

Xcode now pins elements of your code structure to the top of the editor as you scroll through a document. To toggle this behavior, use “Show: Code structure while scrolling” in Xcode’s Text Editing preferences.

This is great.

Toomas Vahter:

Whoever has dealt with app icons are going to be happy to hear that in Xcode 14 we can just use a single image for the app icon.


There is a new build setting ENABLE_USER_SCRIPT_SANDBOXING for turning on sandboxing in shell script build phases.


The platforms State of the Union mentioned Swift and SwiftUI being the future of building apps. But on the other hand, there are multiple changes happening in Interface builder as well. More options and more supported views.


As Xcode Cloud is not any more in beta, Apple is removing Xcode Server from Xcode 14.

Sarun W.:

There are three new snippets to generate boilerplate for Codable.


Update (2022-06-10): Philip Davis:

My 3 favorite Xcode features released at #WWDC22


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