Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Pythonista 3.4 Update Rejected

Ole Zorn:

Apple has unfortunately rejected the Pythonista 3.4 update, citing 3 separate issues. Still trying to process it all, but it’s ridiculous that even a harmless link to the top 50 female names in Iran (courtesy of the faker module) triggered their strict sanctions policy.

Not really sure what to make of the others. The part about 2.5.2 and the “itms-apps” URL scheme is exactly identical to a rejection of the first beta (which was resolved without further explanation, after I sent a long message, explaining that I don’t know what they mean).


Update (2023-04-28): Ole Zorn:

Pythonista 3.4 is finally out on the App Store. 🥳 It comes with Python 3.10, updated modules (openai, pandas), and many new possibilities for iOS automation with Python actions in the Shortcuts app. 🐍

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All Mac App developers should abandon the Mac App Store immediately.

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