Friday, June 27, 2014

Still Yanking Pythonista Around

Ole Zorn quotes the App Store Review team:

Your app, Pythonista (528579881), has been removed from the App Store due to an unresolved issue.

He seemingly had no idea what this issue was, having recently removed some features from the app and had it approved again.

Several hours later:

Thank you for contacting the App Review Board. The app is now for sale on the App Store.

There was apparently no explanation or apology.

The App Store is nearly six years old. It is still hostile to developers. I see no evidence that Apple even recognizes that there’s a problem. Android is finally forcing Apple to respond with more screen sizes and extensibility, but the Google Play Store doesn’t seem to be applying much pressure.

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There's a small typo: s/no for sale/now for sale/

@Arkadiusz Fixed; thanks.

Apple doesn't recognize that there’s a problem? Why would they? Developers keep putting their apps on there, people keep using the store. Where's the problem for Apple?

I still refuse to any walled garden store, but I'm quite alone it seems.

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