Thursday, January 26, 2023

SwiftUI Views Are Lists

Chris Eidhof (Mastodon):

When you write SwiftUI, all your views conform to the View protocol. The name of this protocol is a bit misleading: it could be called Views or ViewList, or something else that suggests plurals.


As mentioned, the Layout protocol lets you work with these view lists directly as of iOS 16 and macOS 13. You can also use variadic views — a non-public, but stable API — to loop over view lists. The variadic view API is really powerful (for example, you can write things like filter, map and reduce on view lists) but also quite low-level. I have a gist here with some examples, and plan to also write this up soon.


Update (2023-01-27): Chris Eidhof:

To deal with these lists of views (e.g. during layout) we can use the underscored variadic view API.

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