Thursday, January 26, 2023

Missing Tweets

Lora Kolodny (Hacker News):

Twitter’s full-time headcount has dwindled to approximately 1,300 active, working employees, including fewer than 550 full-time engineers by title, according to internal records viewed by CNBC.


Musk has contradicted the internal records obtained by CNBC in a series of tweets, and claimed that Twitter now has about 2,300 full-time working employees and thousands of contractors. CNBC contacted Twitter for clarification and comment but did not immediately hear back.


Before Musk led a $44 billion leveraged buyout of Twitter last year, Twitter’s headcount stood at about 7,500 employees. Layoffs were rumored internally and expected to take place whether Musk’s takeover went through or not. However, Musk has cut Twitter personnel far more than many expected — or by about 80% according to the internal records and two recent employees who spoke with CNBC.

David Frum:

On my computer, I am checking the latest tweets by people I follow. On my phone, I’m checking whether their most recent tweets are showing up in the “Following” column. I’m just getting started, but even in the first dozen cases, Twitter failed to show me an absolute majority of the tweets I had requested to see.

John Gruber:

With Twitter now, there’s no indication that you’re missing tweets — let alone a huge number of tweets.


Here’s a speculative thread explaining what might be going on — sounds like a very solid guess to me. In short: after cutting back on servers and entire data centers, Twitter can no longer keep up with its own content.


At this writing I see a grand total of one mention for my account going back to January 5. My Twitter mentions are nearly completely useless.

Dave Mark:

Totally agree with his take. Something fundamental on Twitter is breaking. 😐


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This is why third party clients were great. Even if it didn't pull them a second time, it could cache them.

But they were killed, and along with it my usage of Twitter.

I wonder what would happen if they rewrote the backend in Erlang...

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