Friday, January 20, 2023

Photos Workbench 1.0

Houdah Software:

Photos Workbench works with Apple Photos to help you organize, name, and compare your photos.


Batch change titles. Give your photos descriptive names


One-click apply keywords using keyword palettes


Photos Workbench has a large map that makes adding location information to your photos easy.


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Looks like a neat tool, I'll check it out! For those comfortable with the command line, my free open source tool osxphotos ( now includes a "batch-edit" command to do very similar things. For example, to replicate the title template used in the Photos Workbench home page, you could do the following:

`osxphotos batch-edit --title "Hamburg {} - {created.year} {counter:003(1)}"`

This can also be used to set description, keywords, and location. For example:

osxphotos batch-edit \
--verbose \
--title "California vacation 2023 {created.year}-{created.dd}-{} {counter:03d}" \
--description "{}" \
--keyword "Family" --keyword "Travel"

Sets the title to "California vacation 2023 2023-02-20 001", and so on, the description to the reverse geolocation place name, and the keywords to "Family", "Travel".

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