Thursday, June 30, 2022

PowerPhotos 2.0

Brian Webster (tweet):

In PowerPhotos 2.0, it can now see and work with any photos in your iCloud photo library, and will automatically download any photos from iCloud as needed.


Photos has an export command, but it is fairly limited in what it can provide. PowerPhotos 2.0 has a new, more fully featured export function[…]


You can now open each library in a separate window in PowerPhotos, allowing for easier comparison between libraries, and dragging and dropping photos/albums between libraries.


PowerPhotos 2.0 uses a new duplicate comparison algorithm that can find more duplicate photos which are not quite 100% identical, such as scaled down copies of photos, photos that have been resaved in a different format or with different compression, and even photos with minor edits applied to them.

It’s $29.95 or $14.95 for upgrades.

Brian Webster:

Ever since the transition from iPhoto to Photos, I’ve basically just been spinning in place with PowerPhotos to keep compatible with Photos since Apple didn’t provide a good public API on the Mac. Since PhotoKit came to Catalina, I’ve finally been able to actually move forward.

Took a good year and a half or so to do the necessary rewriting to fully take advantage of PhotoKit, and add the new features I wanted. I’m hoping now I have a solid foundation for the future and adding new things to PowerPhotos won’t take so long going forward.


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