Tuesday, January 10, 2023

How Popular Is Each Mac Model?

Michael Potuck:

CIRP highlights that Apple’s MacBooks are the primary driver of its computer business. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro make up roughly three-quarters of the company’s PC sales while the desktop models only account for 26%.


For desktop Macs, iMac makes up 50% of sales while somewhat surprisingly, Mac Pro isn’t far behind at 43%.

These numbers seem very fishy. I doubt that the Mac Pro sells more units than the Mac mini or that the MacBook Pro sells more than the MacBook Air. My own usage statistics have consistently shown the Mac Pro near the bottom of the list. It’s currently above only iMac Pro, Xserve, and MacBook (12-inch), with less than half as many users as the Mac mini, and fewer than the Mac Studio that was new last year.


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Óscar Morales Vivó

Are they measuring units sold or $$$ sold? I would understand the lopsided presence of MBP/Mac Pro if the latter...

@Óscar It says units.

The only explanation I can think of (assuming the statistics are accurate) is that the Mac Pros are being bought by people who aren't using them for web surfing.

Perhaps for render farms or compute clusters or other applications that aren't likely to have much Internet-visibility.

If that's not it, then it makes no sense to me either.

Xserve shows up in your logs??

@Gord Yep, just a few.

From my data I collect anonymously, over the past 6 months:

iMac: 34%
MBP: 33%
MBA: 7%
MB: 6%
MM: 9%
MP: 9%
MacStudio/iMac Pro < 1% each

(May not add up to 100% as I did some rounding).

My gut tells me people want a 16" screen. For some people buying Mac, as long as they arent buying bottom barrel $500 devices, theyre in for $2700 16" screens and plan to use the device for 8 years

Take up of Macs in IBM and Google has been huge over the last few years. Most Software Devs would qualify for a MBP.

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