Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Network Locations in Ventura

Rob Griffiths:

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, removed the Locations feature from the Network System Settings panel.

I use locations a lot, as they make it easy to switch between various network configurations. In my case, I have locations created that enable or disable my ad blocker, change my settings for when I’m on my VPN, one I need to use to set up my mesh router, and another for when I’m traveling. All of that seemingly gone.


But we do still have Terminal, and the locations code itself is still in macOS.


The key command is networksetup, and here are the relevant options from the man page[…]


Update (2022-12-01): Sébastien LeBlanc notes that the user interface for network locations is back in the macOS 13.1 beta.

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