Monday, November 7, 2022

Hidden Login Items on Ventura

Rich Trouton:

One of the changes made between macOS Monterey’s System Preferences and macOS Ventura’s System Settings is that the Hide checkbox in System Preferences’ Login Items has disappeared from System Settings’ Login Items.


Fortunately for those who want to continue being able to launch applications on login and automatically hide them, it’s still possible to do so on macOS Ventura from the command line using osascript.

The System Settings redesign also removed the Battery/Energy Saver controls for setting your Mac to shut down or wake at certain times. Apple now recommends doing this in Terminal via pmset.


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Thank goodness they removed these useful settings from the new system settings app. Otherwise the amount of white space in the UI would've reached a critical low threshold where everything would look too complex, causing the user's eyeballs to jump out of their skull.

Not to excuse Apple removing shutdown/wake scheduling from System Preferences, but for those who want a graphical interface to set them, DssW Power Manager is an excellent app. It adds a lot more flexibility, too. It's been around since System 7.6!!

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