Monday, November 14, 2022

Custom Date Formats in Ventura

Casey Liss:

Prior to Ventura, you could go into System Preferences, little bubbles around, and make completely custom date/time formats. With the switch from System Preferences to System Settings, that screen was cut. So, there’s no user interface for making custom formats anymore.

I asked about this on Twitter, and got a couple of pretty good answers. One, from Alex Griffiths, pointed me to a useful and helpful thread at Apple. The other, from Andreas Hartl, pointed me to another useful and helpful thread at Reddit. Between the two of them, I was able to accomplish what I wanted, via the command line.


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With all these settings being removed from System Settings, I'm looking forward to the inevitable utility to consolidate all these CLI-only settings into a nice GUI.

@Martin There used to be a PrefPane called Secrets that was made for exactly this purpose - users could even submit new settings via a web page. It only worked with tweaking Preferences (user defaults), but might have been extended to also work with shell commands. But it died silently after a few years :(

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