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Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit Settlement

Juli Clover:

Apple will pay $50 million to settle a 2018 class-action lawsuit over the faulty butterfly keyboards that were used in MacBook machines between 2015 and 2019, reports Reuters.


The lawsuit covers only customers in the above-mentioned states, and lawyers are expecting maximum payouts of $395 to customers who replaced multiple keyboards, $125 to people who replaced one keyboard, and $50 to people who replaced key caps. The settlement is preliminary and will need to be approved by the judge overseeing the case.

Nick Heer:

One of the particularly frustrating aspects of this lawsuit is the degree of redaction in documents and transcripts. There are filings where entire pages are effectively eliminated. That is not unusual, of course, but it is irritating for those of us who want to understand what happened with these keyboards. When the components that were changed between different models are treated as a corporate secret, it is unlikely we may ever know when Apple first found problems and why it took so long to fix them.


Update (2022-07-25): Joe Rossignol:

The settlement still needs to receive final court approval. In the meantime, here is everything to know about the agreement as currently proposed.


I wish they had filed a lawsuit for finger pain as well. It's a terrible keyboard made by the enemy of humankind. It's so hard, like typing on cement. As a result – repetitive injuries and constant pain in the fingers.

I think it's fairly obvious what happened, Apple decide that thin and light were the tree most important metrics for a gadget.

Then they spent a long time trying to fix the keyboard without having to compromise those metrics.

I bet there's a full torch screen prototype at Apple design HQ Ala the yoga book C930

Jeff Fanelli

Does anyone know if It is possible to join this lawsuit or is it too late? I have one fo the affected machines now and it was already repaired once by apple but they refused to repair it again due to the 4 year exit on program expiring.

Those butterfly keyboards (along with fan noise from inadequate heat sinks on too thin laptops) saved me a lot of money on Apple MacBooks. From 2011 to 2021, I only used 17" 2011 MBP (went through two of them, with lots of DIY repairs and upgrades to screens, drives, fans along the way). Certainly beats buying a new $4000 MacBook Pro every year or two.

The MBP line has been so booby-trapped for so long I'll never trust Apple again. Apple Care has also become a bit of a joke. My girlfriend's MBP 13" 2014 never saw water, nor do we live in a wet climate but the little pieces of paper inside had turned colour due to a humid day or age (or something, no trace of real water damage) – Apple fought us for three months not to repair the MBP before finally fixing it. Without a computer for three months, which was Apple's tactic, deny us the computer until we agreed to pay $1000 for repairs (about its value at the time). Fortunately I had some extra 2011 MBP's around so we could outlast them.

This, the stupid placement of charge port on the Magic mouse, and some other things reminds me why I cheered when He left the company.

Still, the smart keyboard for iPad Pro become the new stupid. How could they enforce me not to use my iPad pro in portrait orientation? All my Safari windows on my Mac are displayed in portrait, why I need to change to the other way on iPad?

> Still, the smart keyboard for iPad Pro become the new stupid. How could they enforce me not to use my iPad pro in portrait orientation?

Even on the 12.9-inch, having the smart keyboard in portrait orientation would be way too narrow for a keyboard.

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