Wednesday, July 20, 2022

FogBugz Moves to IgniteTech

IgniteTech (via Rich Siegel, Hacker News):

IgniteTech™, the company “Where Software Goes to Live™,” today announced a transition of two software products from the ESW Capital portfolio to IgniteTech. Two solutions previously managed under the DevGraph Business Unit, FogBugz and ScaleArc, have transitioned to IgniteTech effective immediately.


The transition is also good news for all existing IgniteTech customers because it adds two additional titles available to them at no additional cost under IgniteTech Unlimited — the groundbreaking, Netflix-style licensing model that gives every customer access to the entire IgniteTech enterprise solution portfolio at no additional cost.

Daniel Jalkut:

Several months ago I made the leap and migrated all my data out of FogBugz. I’ve shared a pair of Python scripts that make it easy to “Dump FogBugz”, whether for backup or migration purposes.


Update (2022-07-25): See also: Core Intuition.


I thought it might be insightful to share some inside-baseball from my time at Fogcreek Software during it’s last years (~2014-2019).

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