Tuesday, June 28, 2022

BBEdit 14.5

Bare Bones Software:

If a language server includes “quick fix” information in a diagnostic (error/warning) that it returns, BBEdit will add a “Fix” button to the diagnostic’s item in the popover list.


Added “Tail Mode”: when turned on, BBEdit will move the insertion point to the end of the file if it is changed while BBEdit has it open.


The Find, Multi-File Search, and Pattern Playground windows get an additional cheat sheet for the “Replace” field. This provides a quick reference for constructing Grep replacement patterns.


Added finer-grained control over invisibles display: it is now possible to explicitly turn on (or off) display of spaces and line endings when “Show Invisibles” is enabled.


When Auto-Indent is turned on, “New Line Before Paragraph” and “New Line After Paragraph” will indent the inserted line by the same indentation as the line on which the command was invoked.


Update (2022-07-01): Dr. Drang:

What I like about Tail Mode is that it works like tail -f but by doing so in a BBEdit window, all my ingrained habits for searching and copying text will work, which they don’t in Terminal or iTerm.


Although I have a feeling Rich Siegel will soon have a bbtail command to go along with bbdiff and bbfind, I couldn’t wait. Here’s my combination shell script/AppleScript[…]

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Ben Kennedy

Ooh, they're using Apple-style NYC-taxicab build numbering now. Completely trivial, but for some reason interesting to me nonetheless. (Prior: 14.1.2 (416162); latest: 14.5 (14C200).)

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