Wednesday, February 16, 2022

BBEdit 14.1

Bare Bones Software:

Image files are browseable in disk browsers and projects, and openable into ordinary window sidebars. The image view includes metadata details, and a “Remove Metadata” button is available for deleting image metadata if desired. (BBEdit will create a macOS version snapshot of the image file before doing so, if possible.) BBEdit will attempt to pick a background color (shade of gray) that provides reasonable contrast with the image. If desired you can adjust the background color using the slider adjacent to the image, and BBEdit will remember this setting per-image.

The File Info item (in the navigation bar) and “Get Info” command (from the menu bar or contextual menu) will show an image thumbnail and the image metadata in respective tabs in the info popover.


“Process Lines Containing” provides the option to invert the match test, such that lines which do not match the provided search string or pattern are collected, rather than those which do.


BBEdit can load codeless language modules written using YAML or JSON. This may lower the barrier to entry, since (depending on your individual predilections) either is simpler to read (and write) than XML property lists. The keys and values remain as documented.


For documents in languages for which a language server is installed and running, “Show Symbol Help” on the Edit menu will show detailed information based on the start of the selection range in the document. (This is based on the LSP “hover” feature, for those who are curious.)


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