Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Omni Automation Now in Shortcuts

Ken Case:

This multi-platform automation for our apps—called Omni Automation—is now extended by Shortcuts to the rest of the platform’s automation world. Shortcuts on the Mac makes that power more accessible than ever, both to end users and to developers creating the app ecosystem.

In addition to bringing over the OmniFocus Shortcuts actions we already support and ship on iPhone and iPad, we’ve added two new Shortcuts actions to all our apps which integrate with Omni Automation. By including “Omni Automation Script” and “Omni Automation Plug-In” actions with each of Omni’s applications, our robust device-independent application scripting merges with Apple’s updated Shortcuts automation frameworks in the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems.

Ken Case:

For anyone who uses any of our apps on an iPhone or an iPad, we’re starting out the year with updates across the board. With these updates, Omni Automation in Shortcuts is available across all of our apps and on all platforms.


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Omni sure are investing a lot in automation, but I do wonder how much value this actually is to the majority of their users. I’ve been an OF user since Day 1, and I’m still waiting for Natural Language Parsing. I’ve got no energy for creating deep automations; that’s why I pay Omni to build an app for me.

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