Monday, June 27, 2022

OmniFocus Plug-Ins for Deferring Actions

Nicholas Riley:

There must be a word for procrastinating by building tools that aid in deferring tasks.


The idea is that when the defer/due dates have passed, it’s easier to say “I want to do this starting tomorrow, or due tomorrow” rather than “I want to do this starting a week after the prior due date”.

Most of my OmniFocus projects are parallel or single action lists, so I prioritize and hide actions that I don’t want distracting me by setting defer dates. I’ve long used an AppleScript to defer actions to the next day or week.

Riley has created some Omni Automation plug-ins to do this sort of thing. This means that they can work on iOS, too. It’s neat how the plug-in can tell OmniFocus when its action should be enabled. It can also use a form to ask the user for input, and this works appropriately on both macOS and iOS.


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