Monday, June 6, 2022

macOS 13.0 Ventura Announced

Apple (Slashdot):

Stage Manager automatically organizes open apps and windows so users can concentrate on their work and still see everything in a single glance. The current window users are working in is displayed prominently in the center, and other open windows appear on the left-hand side so they can quickly and easily switch between tasks. Users can also group windows together when working on specific tasks or projects that require different apps. Stage Manager works in concert with other macOS windowing tools — including Mission Control and Spaces — and users can now easily get to their desktop with a single click.


Continuity Camera now gives Mac customers the ability to use their iPhone as a webcam, and unlocks new capabilities that were never possible before on a webcam.


With shared Tab Groups, friends, family, and colleagues can share their favorite sites in Safari and see what tabs others are looking at live.


In the biggest overhaul to search in years, Mail now uses state-of-the-art techniques to deliver more relevant, accurate, and complete results. Users can quickly find what they are looking for as soon as they click into search, including recent emails, contacts, documents, photos, and more, all before they even start typing.


Browsing in Safari is even safer with passkeys, next-generation credentials that are more secure, easy to use, and designed to replace passwords. Passkeys are unique digital keys that stay on device and are never stored on a web server, so hackers can’t leak them or trick users into sharing them.

Mr. Macintosh:

Dropped Mac Hardware:

2015-2016 MacBook Pro
2015-2017 MacBook Air
2016 12" MacBook
2014 Mac mini
2013 Mac Pro
2015 iMac

This seems unnecessary and will make it harder to adopt SwiftUI.

Mr. Macintosh:

2013 Mac Pro was sold until Dec 2019
2017 MacBook Air was sold until July 2019
2014 Mac mini was sold until Oct 2018

Mr. Macintosh:

This database will contain download links for macOS 13 Ventura full Installer pkg files (InstallAssistant.pkg).

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Apple is still prominently displaying the new Home app under its Mac Catalyst developer site section, so I guess the complete redesign didn’t shift it all over to SwiftUI-native

Sam Fathi:

With macOS Ventura, Apple is bringing a native Weather app to the Mac, alongside a new Clock app that lets users set timers, see world clocks, set alarms, and more.


Update (2022-06-08): Juli Clover:

USB-C and Thunderbolt accessories connected to the USB-C port on an Apple silicon Mac will require explicit user permission before the accessory can communicate with macOS.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

macOS 13 now automatically uses old-style ‘expanded’ alerts for situations when there’s too much text.

This is great. I still don’t understand why alerts have a different button style

Luming Yin:

The dyld_shared_cache is available at /System/Volumes/Preboot/Cryptexes/OS/System/Library/dyld.


Update (2022-06-09): Quinn Nelson:

With macOS Ventura, there are now officially more versions of macOS named after places in California than there are versions named after big cats.


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"This seems unnecessary and will make it harder to adopt SwiftUI."

They won't support Intel Macs forever. They're 2 years into the transition, and if they don't cut off Intel Macs completely with macOS 14, it'll be macOS 15. They're going to be very aggressive on this, and given the quality of the software, quite frankly they need to be.

Oh my... my lovely MBP Pro 2016 is finally out of scope...
Now I'm not sure if I should migrate to newer MBP.

What's up with Apple's obsession with making macOS look as similar to iOS as possible? I totally want to scroll through a long list to find the right settings panel in the new Settings app!

So, why was the compatibility cut made as it was made? It's around the time that the T1 was introduced, so first I thought they'd make having a secure enclave mandatory. But then, the Touch Bar MBP 2016 have a T1 chip, whereas the non-Touch Bar 2017 doesn't.

It seems that all supported Intel Macs are Kaby Lake or later. But Kaby Lake itself is not really a really large upgrade from Skylake, perhaps outside the GPU, which extends support for H.264/HEVC 10-bit and 4k hardware decoding.


I think what I said earlier - Apple is going to aggressively cut support for Intel machines (in what looks to be arbitrary ways) until they're done with the transition. The days of each OS release supporting the same Macs as the prior one are almost certainly over until Macs are Apple Silicon only.

It does seem likely that newly cut machines will work just fine with what comes from the unsupported installer scene that's been around Macs for a few years now. They're not pushing the envelope with any Intel tech as much as they're pushing Intel out the door.

The cutoffs do seem aggressive. However I do keep in mind that they let several Mac product lines sit around and rot for anywhere between 4-6 years, so those being cut really are pretty vintage.

I think the biggest outrage shouldn't be that they made big leaps in the minimum hw years, but that they did so while still selling having the Mac Pro (and to a lesser extent, the Mac mini) on Intel. The messaging is incongruent.

@Ben You can call them vintage if you want, but don’t you think if you bought a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro it should get OS updates for more than 3 years?

No defence of this planned obsolescence, IMNSHO. Especially if you're intent on selling yourself as environmentally responsible. I'll not disagree that many of the machines were collecting dust from a value-for-specification standpoint, but anything for sale should last at least seven years from purchase before being dumped. Guess the beancounters have concluded that it's worth more to push the envelope forward than to tolerate a bit of backlash from a largely muted community. And the beancounters are most definitely in charge now.

On the happier side, macOS and iOS will get Elloquence from Nuance. For blind people this is an incredible deal and it's hard to see this as anything other than a concession to that community. Bra-sodding-vo.

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