Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Tour of Apple’s External LCD Displays

Stephen Hackett:

In April 1984, Apple introduced a 1-bit, 7-inch LCD for use with the somewhat-portable Apple IIc[…]


In July of 2000, to coincide with the launch of the Power Mac G4 Cube,1 the Studio Display was reworked to match the larger and more expensive Cinema Display. This edition kept the 15-inch panel, but wrapped it in the same enclosure introduced the year before for the Cinema Display.

In May 2001, a 17-inch Studio Display (LCD) was added to the line.

I used to have a pair of these 17-inch Studio Displays. They were great, except that there was no video card with two ADC connectors. So, instead of simplifying things by having power and data combined into a single cable, it required a separate powered adapter to connect one of them to a DVI port.

Other than that, I’ve always used third-party displays (even CRTs) until the new Studio Display.


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