Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Review of Orion Browser for Mac

Riccardo Mori (Hacker News):

Orion’s approach is utilitarian. It doesn’t want to win users with a fancy UI or quirky æsthetics to appear ‘different’. Its user interface is not that different from Safari. Its design philosophy has to do with how the browser works, not how it looks. And today a browser should be fast (in a Web that’s getting progressively bloated and dragged down by intrusive, resource-consuming scripts), privacy conscious, and adhering to the web’s standards. And that’s what Orion is and does.


On my Mac, it feels perceptibly faster than Safari. It feels lighter, less encumbered, more responsive.


Orion supports both Chrome and Firefox extensions


Being able to easily edit the text on a webpage, I can preview how my translation will look directly on the page. Take Screenshot of the Entire Page is something I’ve wanted in a browser since finding this feature in an old app called LittleSnapper.

Vladimir Prelovac:

In the browser world, Chromium dominance is often a topic.

But at least on Mac, browser diversity is not a problem as the image below illustrates. Consumer has enough choice.

It is up to us, WebKit and Gecko browser makers, to up our game and produce a worthy alternative.


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That tweet is missing the point. Of course there are enough choices for the costumer right now. The problem is that consumers increasingly chose Chromium, so Gecko is becoming financially unviable und developers will stop checking for compatibility with Safari and Firefox.

Other rendering engines on iOS will be the last domino to fall. After that it will be Chromium everywhere and forever.

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