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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

New Apple Technotes

Daniel Jalkut:

Apple’s published several new Developer Technical Notes, many of which draw on content that was previously published as Developer Forums answers.

It could use an RSS feed. The old technical notes are still available in the archive.


Update (2022-09-03): Mihai Parparita has set up an unofficial RSS feed.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Apple (Hacker News):

Apple today announced plans to introduce Tap to Pay on iPhone. The new capability will empower millions of merchants across the US, from small businesses to large retailers, to use their iPhone to seamlessly and securely accept Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets through a simple tap to their iPhone — no additional hardware or payment terminal needed. Tap to Pay on iPhone will be available for payment platforms and app developers to integrate into their iOS apps and offer as a payment option to their business customers. Stripe will be the first payment platform to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone to their business customers, including the Shopify Point of Sale app this spring.


Once Tap to Pay on iPhone becomes available, merchants will be able to unlock contactless payment acceptance through a supporting iOS app on an iPhone XS or later device. At checkout, the merchant will simply prompt the customer to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay, their contactless credit or debit card, or other digital wallet near the merchant’s iPhone, and the payment will be securely completed using NFC technology. No additional hardware is needed[…]

I guess merchants will still need to have magnetic/chip card readers, but this should be more convenient in many circumstances.

Dan Moren:

I’m surprised to see Apple announce it in a press release—maybe this is about getting ahead of the people who dig into software releases to find unannounced features.


Also absent is any mention of the iPad, with good reason: current iPads don’t have NFC chips built-in.

Joe Rossignol:

Then vs. Now


dsdump Beta

Derek Selander:

To celebrate Apple’s “opensourcening”, I’m releasing a beta, executable-only release of dsdump.

0 time spent on Swift, but lots of ❤️ with the dyld shared cache, Objective-C… and it can run natively on your M1 Mac or your checkra1n/Corellium/whatever’d device


Generic listing of dyld shared caches contents used for that particular platform


dsdump dumps iOS 15 ObjC classes in the cache.


You can filter objc classes with the -f command.


Use the -x option to search all dsc modules for references to the symbol. This could either be external or undefined symbols. i.e. Find all modules that call to an undefined reference containing the name “csops”.

It’s available here.


CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt Dock

Michael Potuck:

CalDigit has unveiled the latest iteration of its popular Thunderbolt Station series and it’s really gone all out. The TS4 Thunderbolt dock comes with an impressive array of 18 ports for Mac (and PC) to offer what the company calls “extreme connectivity.”

You get 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports (a gain of one), 3 USB-C, 5 USB-A, DisplayPort, SD, microSD, Ethernet, and various audio jacks. I’d still like to see one of these with more USB-A ports to avoid needing a hub, too.