Wednesday, February 9, 2022

dsdump Beta

Derek Selander:

To celebrate Apple’s “opensourcening”, I’m releasing a beta, executable-only release of dsdump.

0 time spent on Swift, but lots of ❤️ with the dyld shared cache, Objective-C… and it can run natively on your M1 Mac or your checkra1n/Corellium/whatever’d device


Generic listing of dyld shared caches contents used for that particular platform


dsdump dumps iOS 15 ObjC classes in the cache.


You can filter objc classes with the -f command.


Use the -x option to search all dsc modules for references to the symbol. This could either be external or undefined symbols. i.e. Find all modules that call to an undefined reference containing the name “csops”.

It’s available here.


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