Monday, January 3, 2022

Hyper Thunderbolt 4 Hub

Joe Rossignol:

Hyper also announced what it claims is the world’s first Thunderbolt 4 hub with an integrated 100-watt GaN power supply. The hub features one Thunderbolt 4 upstream port for connecting to and charging Thunderbolt-equipped computers like Macs, while three Thunderbolt 4 downstream ports provide up to 40 Gbps of total bandwidth and support for connecting dual 4K displays at 60Hz or a single 8K display at 30Hz.


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Just wanted to share some caveats:I backed Hyper on Kickstarter years ago (twice, like a fool), so I have a lot of experience dealing with them. I have to say it's been nothing but headaches and frustration. I've had three of their devices die on me (two were a warranty replacement), and replacement has been expensive (you have to pay to ship the damaged item back to them) and ineffective – they sent the wrong item as a replacement and then asked that I pay to send that back to get the right model.

From my long experience with OWC (macsales[dot]com), I can say that nothing beats their products, prices and tech support. Any time I need a peripheral for my Mac, I go th them first.

I have to agree with Neil -- I've also backed their projects (yes, foolishly, plural) and been disappointed. YMMV, but look up their past projects on Kickstarter and read the comments from backers after fulfillment.

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