Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Dutch Anti-Steering Ruling for Dating Apps

Joe Rossignol (PDF):

Apple must let dating apps like Tinder and Match offer payment methods other than Apple’s in-app purchase system in the App Store in the Netherlands, or else it will face fines, the Dutch competition regulator announced today.


“Some app providers are dependent on Apple’s App Store, and Apple takes advantage of that dependency,” said ACM chairman Martijn Snoep. “Apple has special responsibilities because of its dominant position. That is why Apple needs to take seriously the interests of app providers too, and set reasonable conditions.”

This seems to only apply to dating apps, only requires allowing links to pay outside the app, and doesn’t prevent Apple from charging a fee for outside payments.


Update (2021-12-29): ednl:

Reason given for the limited scope (dating apps) is that it allowed them to show specific damage because those apps must be on both Android and iOS to be effective. Apparently they started out more generally but chose this to have more chance of success.

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Imagine if the electric company was like “We see that you plugged in a new TV that you bought at Best Buy. We will add a 30% tax for it to your next electric bill.”

Kevin Schumacher

Imagine if that analogy was remotely applicable…

The electric company here is obviously Apple. Apple would have delivered the (free) TV in the first place, which would have been built with tools that Apple provided to the developer. Then if you wanted to do certain things with the TV that the broadcaster charged you more for, Apple would get a cut of that since they provided both the tools the TV was built with and delivered the TV to you.

I don't think you made Apple look better in your analogy, Kevin. You're basically pointing out that Apple is behaving like an electricity provider that forces people to buy all electric devices from them. I mean, you're completely right, of course. But your analogy really underlines how despicable Apple's behavior is.

Why dating apps?

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