Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Russia Investigates App Store

Sami Fathi:

Russia’s FAS, or Federal Antimonopoly Service, has launched a formal investigation into Apple over alleged violation of antitrust laws about the App Store and Apple’s restrictions that do not allow developers to link to third-party payment methods outside of the platform.

In August, FAS issued a warning to Apple to “stop violating antimonopoly legislation” by not inhibiting developers from directing users to make in-app purchases from outside the App Store , such as on the web. Apple “did not comply with the warning,” according to a press release from the agency, and therefore a case has been opened against Apple on the grounds of violating antitrust laws.


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Imagine how surprised they'll be when Apple tells them that they've already addressed the issue.

Imagine what a great press release they can put out when Apple immediately complies with their demands.

Kevin Schumacher

Depends on what Russia actually does, but I could see Apple pulling out of Russia over this rather than meet whatever demands they end up making.

Really? I'm willing to bet a kilo of virtual Russian caviar that Apple won't pull out of Russia for the next decade.

As a Russian, I would welcome Apple abandoning the Russian market. Their devices are too insecure and their software becomes less and less usable with each release. If you take the prices into consideration, it becomes clear that Apple's business today should be classified as "fraud." Nobody should buy anything they sell.

Kevin Schumacher


Uh-huh. And let me guess, you think Android is wonderfully secure? Or better yet, there's a Russian state-sponsored alternative that is just peachy keen?

Old Unix Geek


The bolshiness of your comment is absolutely uncalled for. There's no need to put words in other people's mouths, even if one were a religious fanatic.

Apple is not a religion but a 2 trillion dollar corporation. Yarik's argument states that he thinks Apple is a profiteer. That would explain its 2 trillion dollar value. No doubt, you have a different explanation.

Kevin Schumacher

I have no desire to have any interaction with someone like you. Please pretend my posts don’t exist, as I have been doing with yours.

Old Unix Geek

@Everyone but Kevin:

It seems, from the context, that Kevin is speaking to me, although he does not actually address me. Odd.

Kevin has demonstrated his comfort at trashing other people's motivations and views, but cannot apparently accept criticism that such behavior is uncouth.

Indeed, he seems to need protection from others' ideas, in that he wants to pretend my posts don't exist. But obviously, he actually reads what I write, since otherwise, how could he respond to them?

He states he has no desire to have an interaction with "someone like (me)". I do not know what he means by that. Charitably, someone who has his share of insightful moments? Or, uncharitably, something following the meme "Don't feed the troll". In the latter case, I refer back to the quality of the comment that caused me to react in the first place.


Thank you for using the magic word. Politeness is valuable. Unfortunately, I cannot accept your request that I engage in the pretense that your posts do not exist. This is because I believe neither in "safe spaces" nor in ignorance.

I participate not only to suggest interpretations of the world that might help others, but also because sometimes one can learn things even from those with whom one disagrees. But for that, the quality of a person's thinking matters more than his conclusions. Low quality thinking that I sometimes describe, perhaps meanly, as cultish, doesn't help do that.

Kevin Schumacher

It's troubling that you managed to find your way onto this website and type a comment but cannot understand that a post immediately following yours, addressing the fact that your post exists, is not addressed to you, whether or not your name is directly invoked.

The fact that you chose to mention that at all shows the magnificence of your hypocrisy that knows no bounds, second only to your desire to couch base insults in several paragraphs of absurd prose.

I am done feeding the troll.

@OUG and Kevin Please stop. I’m going to moderate future comments that are just fighting between you two.

>As a Russian, I would welcome Apple abandoning the Russian market. Their devices are too insecure and their software becomes less and less usable with each release. [..] Nobody should buy anything they sell.

@Yarik So you think it would be a net win if there were… _fewer_ options on the market? What devices are more secure than Apple's?

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