Monday, December 13, 2021

Tracker Detect Android App for AirTag

Juli Clover:

Apple today released a new “Tracker Detect” app on the Google Play Store, with the app designed to allow Android users to locate AirTags that might be nearby.

Apple says that Android users can scan to find a nearby AirTag if they think that someone is using an AirTag or another device to track their location. The app is designed to alleviate fears from experts worried that AirTags can be used maliciously to track the location of individuals.

Commenters are saying that you have to specifically open the app to do a scan, rather than having it monitor in the background and post a notification like on iOS. If true, that would make it mostly useless for alleviating privacy and theft concerns.


Update (2021-12-16): Nick Heer:

Tile will ship a similar feature next year.

Perhaps we will all need to download apps for products we do not use so that we are not victims of our location being tracked by some unauthorized person.

And remember to run those apps, because iOS won’t let Tile’s app run all the time in the background, just as Apple’s app is limited on Android.

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