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Monday, November 1, 2021

AppleScript Much Faster in Monterey


I wonder if it’s just me - or AppleScript is much faster on Monterey?

In fact it’s just blazingly fast.

For example, I have a script that polls InDesign document’s elements for certain attributes.

On Monterey, it takes 15 seconds to scan this 96-page document.

On previous systems it was much longer: 85 seconds on Big Sur. So Monterey is about 6 times faster.

I really noticed this with OmniFocus. I use this script to defer a selection of actions until tomorrow. It used to take what felt like almost 1 second per action. I could see them changing color one-by-one. Now it processes 20 actions almost instantaneously.

Shane Stanley

The issue has been blogged about a bit here (in Japanese) by @Piyomaru.

I believe the speed-up with AppleScriptObjC code is even greater.

Takaaki Naganoya (Apple translation):

At least Cocoa call speed, which was extremely slow in macOS 10.15, has been improved (even on Intel Mac), and Cocoa call speed on Apple Silicon Mac has been greatly improved. It’s 30-40 times faster than macOS 11. This is because Cocoa function calls from AppleScript were extremely slow on macOS 11+Apple Silicon Mac (not the high-performance core “FireStorm”, but the high-efficiency core “IceSt” This is because the point that was executed in “orm” has been corrected.

Even if you don’t use Cocoa’s features, it’s faster than macOS 11, so I recommend updating to macOS 12 for Scripter using M1 Mac (workplace apps Except if there is a policy not to update to maintain compatibility with theケーション).

It is also affected by structural changes in the OS. As previously reported, the framework in macOS is reorganized around macOS 11 (the one that was Umbrella Framework is independent. In particular, it is necessary to rewrite it to point to another thing with the use command.

Default macOS Wallpapers

Dave Mark:

Follow the headline link, start scrolling for a walk through all the different default macOS wallpapers, going all the way back to Mac OS X Tiger, which dropped back in 2005.

There are some really great ones here, including many that installers and migrations must have deleted from my Mac and some that I don’t remember at all.

And, if you keep scrolling, it goes back to Mac OS 8, which had its own 832-pixel-wide Yosemite desktop picture. The Yosemite that you probably think of, from 14 years later, is here.


Spotify Now #1 Podcasts Platform

Sarah Perez:

In September, analysts at eMarketer predicted Spotify was poised to overtake Apple Podcasts in U.S. listenership sometime this year. Today, Spotify announced for the first time it may have succeeded on that front. During the company’s Q3 2021 earnings call, the company said that according to Edison Research and its own internal sources, it “recently became” the No. 1 podcast platform U.S. listeners use the most. Given the U.S. is the largest global podcast market, the milestone is significant and speaks to the sizable investment Spotify has made in podcasts over the past few years.


Reached for comment, Edison Research confirmed the podcast milestone is based on usage, not downloads.

Embracing and extending. Via Matt Birchler:

Ugh, what really gets be about this is that the Spotify podcast listening experience (in my opinion) is just plain bad. Then again, when Apple’s own app, the other major player in this space, has a 1.8 star average on the App Store right now, so it’s not like people seem to love the built in app on iPhones, which can’t be great for retention.


macOS 12 Monterey and User Interface Inconsistencies

Corbin Dunn:

At Apple I worked on the main User Interface (UI) framework called AppKit for about 13 years. I would help enforce UI consistency in applications by logging bugs and helping the application developers fix any issues. Back then a lot of people really cared about consistency and the small details really mattered. I just installed macOS 12.0.1 Monterey and I have found that the system is moving away from being homogeneous. Application-to-application consistency is getting lost, and it is becoming more like the web where every website is different. Part of the problem is the lazy-port of iOS applications over to macOS via Catalyst.