Monday, November 1, 2021

Default macOS Wallpapers

Dave Mark:

Follow the headline link, start scrolling for a walk through all the different default macOS wallpapers, going all the way back to Mac OS X Tiger, which dropped back in 2005.

There are some really great ones here, including many that installers and migrations must have deleted from my Mac and some that I don’t remember at all.

And, if you keep scrolling, it goes back to Mac OS 8, which had its own 832-pixel-wide Yosemite desktop picture. The Yosemite that you probably think of, from 14 years later, is here.


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Cool page. They even have the original "bloody" Snow Leopard version

The Blue Power Mac G3 case, which first shipped with Mac OS 8.5 and probably that desktop picture, was codenamed El Capitan, after that mountain in Yosemite National Park, since it looked vaguely similar.

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