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New Apple Podcasts App Still Unreliable

Dan Moren (tweet):

Apple, the de facto leader in podcast discovery, seems to have screwed up what was once its biggest asset in favor of trying to capitalize on a new feature.


Unfortunately, when Apple started rolling out the podcast subscription feature, it came with a (presumably unintended) side effect: new podcast episodes sometimes don’t show up. Back in May, Jason speculated about some of the possible causes, the most likely culprit being Apple changing how it handles podcasts behind the scenes.

But more than two months later, this problem persists.


I haven’t seen any direct acknowledgment from Apple about this issue over the last two months, much less any indication of what went wrong and how it plans to fix it.



Apple royally screwed up the Podcasts app. It’s so buggy and unintuitive you have to wonder if they are even user testing these new versions. For now, I’ve switched to Google Podcasts, which is pretty bare bones, but it has a trim silence feature built in.

It's odd--Podcasts sync is actually improving for me. Looking at my library shows many podcasts from my Mojave-running iMac all arriving on the same day. It's clear they did something to fix it.

And I'd just paid for Downcast, too ...

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